Monday, October 20, 2008

A Friends

This is the latest picture of my son together his friend Iking. They always play outside our house with their toys. Just like any other children they also fight once in a while. My mother took this picture outside of our house. They tried to do the same pose but Iking didn't know how to do it. They are both the same age but my son is smaller than his friend. I'm worried that my son will not grow up normally. I hope that it won't happen.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Silly girl

My daughter called another papa? Yes, yesterday when my kids and I lying down on our bed, she always calling “ Papa Dokdok” who's papa dokdok? I asked my mom who's dokdok, and I found out that it is our neighborhood hehehe silly girl. My daughter follow what her playmates called that guy. I ask my daughter who's teaching her to called that name, she didn't answer me. My gosh, my daughter really learned a lot of things outside our house like how to lie, ask money, how to fight her kuya. Guys, what should I do?

New Blogger

I'm happy because some of my co-workmate has an interests for blogging, they inspired on what I am doing. Since i earn extra money through blogging, they also want to start their own blog so that they can earn money through blogging like me. I'm happy because I'm helping them a little bit hehehe. Jesica is also cashier here in the cafe and she starting signing up to the blog advertising and hopefully she can also earn extra money through blogging because she really need an extra money for her baby. Gogogo Jec, I know you will earn money like me!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My kids Riding Motorcycle

My Son and my daughter riding with their father's motorcycle. My son really love to drive and wear the helmet and gloves just like his father. He look like a big little man on this photo, he assumed to drive the motorcycle that we parked outside the house. He also want her sister joined with him on the ride on his back wearing the helmet of mine. Im glad that when I took this photo it came out very nice.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My Two Little Kids

Here is the latest picture of my two little angel of my life. John Angelo and her sister Jane Angela. The first picture,I took the photo outside our house. They both posed very well and cute. My son is 4 years old and my daughter is 2, but look at the height of my daughter compare to his kuya. I believe that my son got my height and my daughter's height is from his father. At her early age my daughter acting like a boy because she loves to do what the boys do, even when she go potty, she stand up just like what his kuya did. Hehehehe silly girl... maybe because most of her playmate are boys.