Monday, December 21, 2009

Menstruation Problem

I know women always used to mention their menstruation problems. As I am one of them, all I really know about this is that I feel bad. I guess there are some hormonal changes in women’s body, which made her act strange. I would like to hear what menstrual problems are for real. I call it PMS, but is that really problem, or just excuse to be nervous?

When we say menstruation problem, we mean of PMS, cramps, delayed menstruation and heavy bleeding. But what is PMS, nobody seems to know. In fact, that is problem just among women in industrial societies, and women in traditional societies don’t suffer from it. Conclusion is that a large part of the syndrome is culturally mediated and result of certain lifestyle factors. Off course that PMS is one important menstruation problem and it is stress related. Symptoms for this kind of menstruation problem include cramping which can be severe. Cause seems to be a drop in the level of blood calcium. Symptoms of blood calcium levels dropping include muscle cramps, headaches, body aches, sleeplessness, water retention and depression, which are known as menstruation problems among women. Important way to prevent PMS is calcium supplements or naturally occurring calcium in foods and herbs. Yogurt, kelp, sesame seeds, kale, spinach,nettle and some other foods have a good amount of easily assimilated calcium which women should use to prevent some of their menstrual problems.

To All Blogger

I received mail this afternoon from they inform me or even the other blogger I think that they will no longer accept bank or western union as payment option. The only payment option available for payout is PayPal. They said that they wanted to assure the pay out of the blogger will not be late.

For me, it is not a problem if they will pay me on paypal since I can transfer my money anytime on my bank account. I think it is good because the payment will be on time to the blogger, what do you think guys?

Friday, December 18, 2009

When I'm a Kid

My parents are my first teachers for they taught and guided me in the most fundamental things and they opened up my childish ignorance to reality. They are there to teach me and to train me as I begin to live in accordance with what they believe is good for me. I learned from my parents almost every basic thing that a child should learn. I remember my father teaching me how to tie (properly) my shoelace and my mother correcting me that my slippers do not shrink, instead it was me who is getting big. Simple things like those ones, as I grow to maturity, are retained in my memories.

I may be away from my parents and my family as a whole, but there is this feeling of security that they will always be there, really like a 'home' that one can always go back to, to find love, comfort, happiness and all the wonderful feelings of being a part of that family. It's not always a sunny day in our family, of course, my siblings and I fight almost often and problems big and small often shake us. However, I think the reason why we are still standing and united together is because we are a family that believes in God, and the faith is so strong that every obstacle is overcome. Again, I am aware, that this way of thinking is influenced by my parents.

That's why right now, I have a two kids and I want to teach my kids what my parent did to me. They give me full of love, caring and everything.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Youth

The youth are the hope of our nation thus we must care and guide them to the right track.

In the present times, many of these youth are disregarded, abandoned and forsaken by their parents. Even though they are the fruits of their love, they still never care about them and because of such incident, these children contribute to the increase in criminal rate of the country for these children are suffering and struggling that is why they are forced to do something illegal just to survive. But who should be held liable in such incident, the children or the parents?

Between the children and the parents, the parents should be held liable for such sufferings of the youth. They indulge in a relationship therefore they should be responsible enough to carry out struggles. Some of these people are very much careless for having sons and daughters. These children of careless people are suffering the obstacles and outcomes of the recklessness of their parents.

The movie BUNSO, serves as an EYE opener for the parents, and youth as the future mothers and fathers of this country. It shows some instances and situation that children experience because of the faults of their parents. Anthony, for example, a product of reckless people, was put into the cold bars of imprisonment because of being a thief just to help his parents and siblings to cope up with life's changes. Anthony went in and out of jail just to help. Nevertheless, these children are very much affected with the conflicts and quarrels of their parents that influence them in the ways and means in dealing with challenges. Bunso, another example, lose the respect on his parents just because of their recklessness and careless attitude. Bunso is somehow hopeless in being freed from jail because of constant failures in the promises of his parent. After many ins and outs, and many months of being in jail, Anthony and Bunso had the chance to stay with their family however, they still have the problems in their relationships thus making them suffer for more, be in streets and do illegal jobs. Anthony abused drugs and died because of heart enlargement while Bunso died in a vehicular accident.

Risks means responsibilities thus taking risks implies willingness to accept obligations.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Toy Car

I really like this car toy of Dustin. I want to buy this kind of toys for my little son since he also like car toys. My husband and I together with my kids buy a toys as a advance Christmas gift for them. We buy toy car with remote for our son, he like the police car but we rather choose the other one because it's look more unique than the police car. For our little girl we buy her a little house because she ask me long time ago to buy her a little house. They both love their new toys.


This are the pictures of my friend Fe and her little son. She said that she took this photo through her Asus webcam, isn't great?. This is my frst time knowing about Lifeframe, you can add images like the one you see in her photos. At first, it's look like real but definitely not, it's just only images through her lifeframe.the images she use for this photos are the hat, eyeglasses and the japanese band. You can do alot with lifeframe, hope that I can use it too Fe. heheheh.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

PinoyBigbrother Uplate

I really love watching the Pinoy Bigbrother Double Up but unfortunately I can't watch it in the regular show time so I only watch it in youtube hehehe. I really like the love team of jason and melai because for me, they are only make the show more interesting everyday. Last night I watched the Pinobigbrother Double Up uplate with the host of Bianca Gonzales . The housemates dress like a hawaiian tribes. All housemates dress up an Hawaiian to give a dance presentation because it's SAM's birthday and they want to make it memorable. after that they also tells what their wish for SAM.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


One of the student is explain why the homosexual is immoral, please read:

I can say that it is immoral to become a homosexual. We can commit sin if we are homosexual. The complementary structure of the male and female anatomy is obviously designed for the normal male and female body. Clearly, design in human body supports heterosexuality and contradicts homosexuality. Also, God gives man and woman rules in order to strengthen themselves as normal male and female. The Bible not only describes homosexual as detestable but also calls punishment to those who are involved into homosexuality.

God made only two kinds of gender, the male and female. Therefore, no one is born as homosexual. Homosexuality is not part as a person's nature. It is the person who is responsible for what happens to him/her. It is a sinful act to be a homosexual because it is against the rules of God. Homosexuals are attracted to the person with the same sex and will end up to marriage. Marrying a person with same sex is against the authority of God. The combination of a man and woman enables to produce and nurture offspring. Sexual intimacy between normal husband and wife is good but it is immoral if you will have sex with a person with the same gender as yours.

However, there is still hope for homosexuals. God forgives and cleanses a person who repents and turns from their sin, including the sin of homosexual behavior.

But for me no one can judge them because they still human, they are not perfect they still need our respect, isnt?

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


My friend Fe share her wonderful picture together with her son outside the house. It is full of snow and she said that it is really cold, she hate cold because it makes her lazy. I really want to experience playing the ball of snow together with my family but I think it just in my dream :). Look at her son isn't it really brave to play in the cold area? hehehe Dustin is really cute to his attire :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Q&Q Quartz

This is my new watch, it's Q&Q Quartz with water resistant. I decided to choose color black because it is not easy to get dirty. I buy this watch when me and my mother together with my kids at the mall. I really like it, when I saw this in one of the boutique so, my mother said to me that since you have a money today use it while you have it . I buy the watch since the money that I'm going to use is from my mother so I decided to buy it immediately. I also buy an earring because my earring is already fade, my old earring is only fashion so it is need to change when the color fade. My husband didn't notice about this things maybe because he didn't aware what I'm wearing heheheh.