Friday, December 18, 2009

When I'm a Kid

My parents are my first teachers for they taught and guided me in the most fundamental things and they opened up my childish ignorance to reality. They are there to teach me and to train me as I begin to live in accordance with what they believe is good for me. I learned from my parents almost every basic thing that a child should learn. I remember my father teaching me how to tie (properly) my shoelace and my mother correcting me that my slippers do not shrink, instead it was me who is getting big. Simple things like those ones, as I grow to maturity, are retained in my memories.

I may be away from my parents and my family as a whole, but there is this feeling of security that they will always be there, really like a 'home' that one can always go back to, to find love, comfort, happiness and all the wonderful feelings of being a part of that family. It's not always a sunny day in our family, of course, my siblings and I fight almost often and problems big and small often shake us. However, I think the reason why we are still standing and united together is because we are a family that believes in God, and the faith is so strong that every obstacle is overcome. Again, I am aware, that this way of thinking is influenced by my parents.

That's why right now, I have a two kids and I want to teach my kids what my parent did to me. They give me full of love, caring and everything.

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