Monday, December 21, 2009

Menstruation Problem

I know women always used to mention their menstruation problems. As I am one of them, all I really know about this is that I feel bad. I guess there are some hormonal changes in women’s body, which made her act strange. I would like to hear what menstrual problems are for real. I call it PMS, but is that really problem, or just excuse to be nervous?

When we say menstruation problem, we mean of PMS, cramps, delayed menstruation and heavy bleeding. But what is PMS, nobody seems to know. In fact, that is problem just among women in industrial societies, and women in traditional societies don’t suffer from it. Conclusion is that a large part of the syndrome is culturally mediated and result of certain lifestyle factors. Off course that PMS is one important menstruation problem and it is stress related. Symptoms for this kind of menstruation problem include cramping which can be severe. Cause seems to be a drop in the level of blood calcium. Symptoms of blood calcium levels dropping include muscle cramps, headaches, body aches, sleeplessness, water retention and depression, which are known as menstruation problems among women. Important way to prevent PMS is calcium supplements or naturally occurring calcium in foods and herbs. Yogurt, kelp, sesame seeds, kale, spinach,nettle and some other foods have a good amount of easily assimilated calcium which women should use to prevent some of their menstrual problems.


Nanaybelen said...

Good post.
My daughter has a mentruation problem too

healthtec said...

Thanks for the discussion...can teenagers also go through the same problem?What are the remedies really?

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