Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Youth

The youth are the hope of our nation thus we must care and guide them to the right track.

In the present times, many of these youth are disregarded, abandoned and forsaken by their parents. Even though they are the fruits of their love, they still never care about them and because of such incident, these children contribute to the increase in criminal rate of the country for these children are suffering and struggling that is why they are forced to do something illegal just to survive. But who should be held liable in such incident, the children or the parents?

Between the children and the parents, the parents should be held liable for such sufferings of the youth. They indulge in a relationship therefore they should be responsible enough to carry out struggles. Some of these people are very much careless for having sons and daughters. These children of careless people are suffering the obstacles and outcomes of the recklessness of their parents.

The movie BUNSO, serves as an EYE opener for the parents, and youth as the future mothers and fathers of this country. It shows some instances and situation that children experience because of the faults of their parents. Anthony, for example, a product of reckless people, was put into the cold bars of imprisonment because of being a thief just to help his parents and siblings to cope up with life's changes. Anthony went in and out of jail just to help. Nevertheless, these children are very much affected with the conflicts and quarrels of their parents that influence them in the ways and means in dealing with challenges. Bunso, another example, lose the respect on his parents just because of their recklessness and careless attitude. Bunso is somehow hopeless in being freed from jail because of constant failures in the promises of his parent. After many ins and outs, and many months of being in jail, Anthony and Bunso had the chance to stay with their family however, they still have the problems in their relationships thus making them suffer for more, be in streets and do illegal jobs. Anthony abused drugs and died because of heart enlargement while Bunso died in a vehicular accident.

Risks means responsibilities thus taking risks implies willingness to accept obligations.

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