Thursday, March 29, 2012

In Vacation

My kids are still in the vacation at their grandmother's house in Tibungco. I called them last night, I asked them what they are doing? my son said that he make an assignment for her sister ,I'm laughing when I heard that..... why assignment? Anyway I am so happy that they are okay and they enjoy their time together in their grandmother's house.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Recognition day

We wake-up early this morning because today is my son's recognition. He will received a 3rd honor and active award. He also received a medal for being BOY SCOUT participation. As a mother I am really proud to my son. . They love taking pictures that's why we always take a photo especially when we have a occasion.

This is the ribbons and medal that my son's received and some of their photos:

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My Cellphone

My cellphone screen is broken that's why I bring it to the cellphone technician if they can fix it. And thank's GOD they can and we wait an hour to finish repair . After they repair they check first if the buttons are still working and it is work. But when we're in the house my cellphone start in trouble. The touchscreen is not working and also the camera we back to the technician to check it again . but still the touch screen is not working that's why my husband decide to not connect the touchscreen because we can use it through keypad the important is the camera we used it almost the time. Maybe we need to install again the installer for the camera but I don't know where I put. I need to find it later.

My necklace

Today, I'm wearing my necklace that I received from my father who did last 1998. I'm really admire him a lot and every time I wear this necklace I feel that he always there for me. It's been a long time when my father gave it to me but it can count only my finger that I wear this because I afraid to lost.

Dream House

It's really nice thinking your dream house isn't it? I want to have a house that not too big, I want only a simple. A house that have 3 rooms 1 for my son, 1 for my daugther and of course 1 for us as their parents. And each rooms have a bathroom so that they don't need to go out to take a bath and for their privacy also, a small kitchen and clean sala's. Have a playground that have many flowers and many trees so that sometimes we can eat under the trees. And of course a gate for their safety.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Baptismal Certificate

Last night when my mother ask me what is the name of the church in Tibungco because she forgot,I said I forgot too but I remember to check my son and daughter's baptismal certificate because they baptized on that church. When I saw there baptismal certificate the first thing that I noticed is not the name of the church it is the name of my son. I'm really shocked because it's been a long time when my son baptized then only now I notice that it has a mistake. My son baptized on 2005 but only now I notice that my son's name has a miske. Supposed to be my son's name is John Angelo Paculanan Perez, Paculanan is his middle name and Perez is the family name but in his baptismal certificate is writing John Angelo P. Paculanan. I'm wonder why they mistake because one of the requirements I gave to them is my son birth certificate, why they mistake? It is human error and I need to change it early so that it will not make a problem to my son in the future. It's make me worried now, hopefully it will change as soon as possible.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

My Husband Blog

Guys, please support my husband blog. It is about music from past to present. It is really nice blogs especially to the people who really love to listen a music.Check this site dee-jaysnipe. I'm really like his blog and I know you like it too. If you have any request, comments and anything else just leave a message to his blog. thanks and GOD bless.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Internet connection

Finally we have a internet connection in our office now. It's almost one week we request to connect a internet but they always said re-schedule again. We are waiting to the technician yesterday until 5:15 in thanks they came. always one hour they set-up the atenna to catch up the best location for the signal. This morning is the first time I use and I notice that the connection is very slow.

This morning also my boss connect our WIFI for his laptop. Hopefully on Monday when I use the internet it will be okey.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Good Morning

This morning I wake-up when I smell a very delicious food, I feel so hungry. I saw my husband wearing his apron while cooking. He cooked a scramble egg and tocino for our breakfast. I feel so sleepy, my eyes want to close but still I decided to wake-up. My husband said that I stay lay down because he want to prepared me a breakfast in bed, hehehe how sweet. We are more than 8 years with our relationship but still our love to each other is the same and I think its more than before. My husband stay sweet , thoughtful and of course loving. We face many struggle in our relationship but we still together and because of that our relationship makes more stronger. Now, we have 2 wonderful kids and we are so happy. I know GOD will always there to guide and love us.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good Night

Guys, very sorry but I feel so tired and sleepy maybe tomorrow I try my best to make a post here. But right now I need to go bed because my eyes want to close heheheh

See yah..............

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beauty Tips

In my age of 28 years old I really confused about my figure because I don't want to look very old especially I'm working. I want to be look beautiful in the eye of my client and of course to my husband that's why. Many ways that other people offer to be looks young, many medicines that they recommend but you know guys, I think the only way to maintain looks young is to be happy always. Smile can make us beautiful isn't it? heheheh Did you know that SMILE can makes us attractive? smiling can changes mood and also can relieved stress. In my work I always used my SMILE to catch a customer in our store.

Guys, just try and you will see....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Other Batch of Dirty Clothes

Tonight I laundry another batch of our dirty clothes. It's really tired because from my work I need to laundry our dirty clothes so that we can use it again. I have a washing machine 10kgs. automatic from Korea gift from my boss but since I need to save electricity I need to laundry with my hands. I only use washing machine for a heavy and big clothes especially to my blanket/ comforter but sometimes when I don't want to laundry with my hands especially in colored clothes I also used washing.

Now, again I am the one who still wake-up because I want to visit my small house here and search a website that can hire me through online heheheh before I go to bed.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Graduation Song

This is my daughter graduation song. I really like the way she act hehehe I know she didn't know how to sing this song but still she try to pretend. this is the lyrics of the......


We are the children of yesterday's dream
We are the promise of the future we bring
Waving the banners of love to all
To every nation, the rich and the poor

We are the world of the restless and young
And we need a hand to guide us
Helping each other Build each other
As long as we're together you and me

For together we stand, divided we fall
Together we climb to the top of the world
We can be what we what for the world to see
We are the children of yesterday's dream

We have the yearning to do what is best
Be someone special from all the rest
Nation and brothers in unity
Building tomorrow for you and for me

Repeat refrain
Repeat chorus (2x)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

How to Gain Weight

Other people struggle to lose weight, there are those who are also trying to gain weight. Whether it is to make a team, or personal reasons, some people decide they have to put on a few pounds.

They are tray there best about that and I am the one of them. I want to gain weight because ever since I didn't try to be fat like what my cousin. I eat to much to still my weight is the dame. I always follow all the instructions that my friends given to me but still my weight not change. Now, I trying to search in website how to gain weight and right now I'm reading some technics how to gain weight and I hope that it will works.

Guys, if you have any advice about this please help me and thank you in advance. :

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hahay it is really hard to have a neighbor that uneducated person.Almost every night when he drunk he really noisy. How many nights that I can't sleep because of that person. The sound system they play very loud. Now, again he really noisy shouting with his wife I though they are fighting but it is not. How I wish to have my own house. A house that far from noisy and uneducated people like him. A house that I can rest , specially at night.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Peoples Park

This picture taken long time ago in Peoples Park but I want share it here. People’s Park is located at the heart of Downtown Davao City, beside J. Palma Gil and Jose Camus streets. Other landmarks are Casa Leticia and Apo View Hotel.

Monday, March 12, 2012

My Son

Today is my sons fourth (4th) grading exam it is last exam for being grade 1. I help him to review his lesson so that he can recall all their lesson. My son really interested to study because he want to get a higher grade. When we start to review my husband said to me that my son grade for their third (3rd) grading is higher that's why I'm really happy because I know that I didnot always give all my time to help their lesson but still he try his best. I'm really proud to my son because in his age of 7 he act like a old man. He always remind me everything, and sometimes he did what I supposed to doing. Heheeheh

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preparing School Things

Tonight I'm really tired because I laundry our dirty clothes specially my kids uniform. Tomorrow another day for their school that's why even if I'm really tired I need to help my husband to prepared all their needs in school for tomorrow. As a mother also want to feel to them that I'm still their mother and wife to my husband. Right now, they are already sleeping they sleep early so that they can wake-up early for their school . And you know guys, I'm excited because this coming March 14 my daughter will be graduating from kindergarten and hopefully it will okay when she will be in grade I. Right now, I'm the one who still wake-up because I want to write a post here before I go to bed

Guys, sorry but it's time to go to bed because I feel so sleepy but I promise by next time I try to spend more time here. Thanks and see you next time bye muah. Sweet dreams.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

I'm Back for Blogging

Hello guys, it's been a long time to not visit my small house... heheheh honestly i'm encountered a problem how to retrieved my account here and i'm happy because finally i'm here now and i'm glad to start again to share all my daily routine in life. Right now, i'm still working but in a new company, new job, new place, new workmate and new challenge in life. Please be with be all the time to face my life challenge. see you there for the next post.