Sunday, March 11, 2012

Preparing School Things

Tonight I'm really tired because I laundry our dirty clothes specially my kids uniform. Tomorrow another day for their school that's why even if I'm really tired I need to help my husband to prepared all their needs in school for tomorrow. As a mother also want to feel to them that I'm still their mother and wife to my husband. Right now, they are already sleeping they sleep early so that they can wake-up early for their school . And you know guys, I'm excited because this coming March 14 my daughter will be graduating from kindergarten and hopefully it will okay when she will be in grade I. Right now, I'm the one who still wake-up because I want to write a post here before I go to bed

Guys, sorry but it's time to go to bed because I feel so sleepy but I promise by next time I try to spend more time here. Thanks and see you next time bye muah. Sweet dreams.

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