Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Kids tag

Tag again from Fe to my new blog.

Copy here:

1. Answer the Kid’s Question by Gregory Stock, PH.D. Remember: Don’t respond as you think others want you to. Respond the way you actually feel!
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Kid’s Question #1:If you were the ruler of the world and you could have anything you wanted as well as have people do anything you wanted, do you think you would get greedy and mean or would you be a good and fair ruler?

Please answer the question and put your name and link after.
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My Answer:
Of coarse I will make sure that I will be a good ruler. I will make sure that no one can be suffer and they all contented. Be a greedy sometimes is good so that you will fulfill your goal. I will be a good ruler like as a good mother to my kids:).

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My Son's Birthday

We celebrate the birthday of my son at our new house in Bolton Davao City near at downtown. We decided to transfer a house because of my work, and also I want to have my own house even if we just rented. It the same visitors again heheheh they help me a lot to preparing this occasions. Vanessa help me to buy the ballon's and then Ben blow the ballon. My cousin Bebe help to my mother cooked the foods that we going to prepared since she is graduate of HRM. My sister is also help to cooked the barbeque. Since we don't have many visitors for this occasion I decided to gave them a over foods to them as bring house especially to my aunt Alice so that my uncle eat the foods since he didn't came.

To do Listing

I got this MY TO DO LIST from Geng, I really appreciate it .

1. Every morning I need to wake up early.
2. After work buy milk for my two kids.

3. Ask money to my mother to renew my necklace at pawnshop.
4. Visiting to my friend house.
5. Checking everyday my two blog.
6. Stay at home on Sunday to rest.
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When I'm Pregnant

I took a picture with my son and my daughter but she still on my womb at the garden of their lola's. I am already 4 months pregnant this moment to my baby girl. I already knew that my baby is a girl because we undergo for an untrasound as an requirements of the Maternity loan. Since we knew it already it's not hard to find a baby dress for her. My son really want to touch my stomach and then he talk to her sister. I really love this picture because of the backgound. This is the only picture that I had when I am pregnant that's why I really precious this picture. I hoping that when my daughter come out it doesn't affect what I'm doing when I going to about her.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Son more Observer and Sensitive

Last night my son want to watched Kung Fu Kids but it's too bad because Kung Fu Kids is already finished. I told to my son about this but still he pursued what he want. I explained him clearly then afterwards he finally understand. Some times you need to explain it clearly to your kids before they understand and realize. My son is now more observer and more sensitive that's why he has a lot of question when he didn't know about the things that he encounter and I want to explain him clearly so that he will know about it. He really like to watched a kids show like Kung Fu Kids, in this show he discover a lot of things that's why my son is now needs more guidance so that he will grow in a right way.

I had abortion

When my son was 1 year old and 9 months, I missed my period. I thought that I'm just delayed but when I take a pregnancy test, the result was positive. We were not planning to have another baby because of the crisis nowadays but I accidentally got pregnant. I stopped using contraceptive because of the side effects on my health. After I learned that I was pregnant, I tried to abort my baby. Yes, I tried it! I drank 3 tablets and drink softdrink every morning without eating. My mother didn't know this because I know that she will not agree with this kind of action since it is considered a sin. When I was about 1 month pregnant, I decided to stop trying to abort my baby. Maybe God gave this baby because he wants our family relationship to be stronger. When I took my first prenatal exam with the same midwife, I told to her about the abortion. She said that the ways I tried to abort was not harmful and she gave me vitamins for my baby. Even though my midwife said that it will not affect my baby, I’m still not convinced. I took my vitamins and ate nutritious food to ensure my baby will be healthy. This is a great lesson that I had learn, hoping that my baby will be a healthy child. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Son Baptismal

This photo was taken during the baptism of my son in April of 2006. We decided to gave him the first sacrament of the Lord. Baptism is the sacramental act of cleansing in water that admits one as a full member of the church. I want my son to grow up as a Christian and we gave him the Christian name of John Angelo Perez. His Godmothers are Genadith, Jesica, Riotchel, Rowena, Ananlyn, Vanessa and Jackie . His Godfathers are: Lloyd, Jeffrey, Pino and Edwards . They are my college classmates except for Vanessa and Jackie. When we celebrate that occasion, it's seems like a reunion of my college classmates because they were all there. My friends and relatives were also there to witness the Christening of my son. Eventhough it's really tiring to prepare for this occasion, I'm happy because my son is now a Christian.

On the Beach

I took this picture in September 14, 2005 on my mother's birthday at the Seagull lid. My son was 1 year old and 5 months. We decided to celebrate my mother's birthday on the beach since it has been a long time since we’ve been there. My son is really happy when he's on the beach swimming with his “salbabida” hehhe. My college friend Gena, Ritchel and their husbands joined us. My son really likes to swim with his father, he didn't want to get out of the water even though he felt the cold. After swimming, my son took a nap because he was tired. While my son was sleeping, we prepared lunch. My son has already eaten before taking a nap. We all ate lunch together. My friend Gena and her husband took a rest after lunch because they had a duty in the evening. :( That’s too bad, because they didn't enjoy the best part of the day.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

My Son started to walk

This is the time my son started to walked. He want to play outside especially in our playground. He really want to play with our chicken, dog and cat. He really want to play with our pets, sometimes when he is already tired he can take a nap beside the pets hehehehe. The time I took this picture he still going to 1 year old that's why he still using a diaper while playing. Jj carrying our cat, name “ Kibol” we called it this name because of the small tail. This pictures reminds me a lot when I'm started to be mother.

Nutritious Foodz

Last night I want to cooked a nutritious food for my kids but my son doesn't want to eat a vegetables that's is the one of my problem. My son is really picky in the foods, he always want to eat a chorezo only. One time I cooked him a scramble egg I though he want to eat this kind of food but still he ignored the scramble egg. He always request a chorezo, before he also want to eat a noodles and pancit canton then afterward he don't want to eat now. I cooked a noodles with a vegetables so that the can eat nutritious food last night. I really happy because my son eat a lot I think he liked the taste. I don't really got problem about my daughter because she eat any kind of foods that's why she is fat hehehe:)

My baby Son

When my son John Angelo Perez “Jj” is already 3 days old, he always drink milk. At the time he finished drinking his milk he felt sleepy again. He used his pink pillow with the design of penny the Pooh and the blanket . I didn't know that my first baby is a boy that's why when we buy his things I decided to choose a pink color and blue color. Unluckily, the moment I took his picture he used his pink things:). He didn't drink my own milk because I think he don't like the taste hehehe and also I don't enough milk to gave him. At first I gave him a breastfeeding but afterwards when I go back to my work I stop and change it to in the bottle.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Giving Birth to my Son

This is the time when I give birth to my first son. At exactly November 07,2004 at 6:45 in the morning, Sunday at the place of Well Family Midwife Clinic. When I give birth to my first baby my midwife Karen Varga- San Gabriel is really doing good. When I was give birth to my baby, he had weighed of 3 grms/6.6 lbs. with measured of 43 grms. He has a black hair and cute eyes. I really happy to have a first baby boy on my life. I choose to give him a name of John Angelo Perez as the meaning of John from his father's name then Angelo from Angel word then his family name. We called him as "Jj" from the combination of johnjanet.

My Family

I want to introduce to you my family. This is my husband Erly John Perez, he is going to 31 years old this coming November 23. He is working as a Spinner at Videoke Bar. Eventhough Sometimes we had a lot of problem that we face it but still our relationship is more stronger to solve it. He is really like to play computer games like online game and lan games. We had 2 kids namely: our oldest son John Angelo Perez, 3 years old born on November 17,2004. He really smart boy, he always asked a questions about his new discovering on his surrounding and I really happy to answer it. Our youngest daughter Jane Angela Perez, 1 year old born on August 20,2006. She is really sweet girl, always smile at me specially when I came from to my work. I am the mother of this beautiful kids above and a wife of this guy. I am a working mother as a cashier at Internet Cafe. This is my family who give me strength to face all struggle in my life.

HI Guys...

Hello guys, this is my new blog. Please add to your blog roll I decided to used my url the combination of my name and my husband then add our anniversary date isn't it really cute? I make another blog about women's jouney this is all about a mother, wife and being a girl. We know that being a girl is not easy, you have a lot of responsibilities that's why I want to shared all of my experienced to all of you. I am a mother with a two kids right now and I want to shared it to you how I taking care of my two kids from the start to the present. And also I want to share all my tips for being a good wife eventhough I am a working mother. Guys hope that you like my new blog.