Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Son Baptismal

This photo was taken during the baptism of my son in April of 2006. We decided to gave him the first sacrament of the Lord. Baptism is the sacramental act of cleansing in water that admits one as a full member of the church. I want my son to grow up as a Christian and we gave him the Christian name of John Angelo Perez. His Godmothers are Genadith, Jesica, Riotchel, Rowena, Ananlyn, Vanessa and Jackie . His Godfathers are: Lloyd, Jeffrey, Pino and Edwards . They are my college classmates except for Vanessa and Jackie. When we celebrate that occasion, it's seems like a reunion of my college classmates because they were all there. My friends and relatives were also there to witness the Christening of my son. Eventhough it's really tiring to prepare for this occasion, I'm happy because my son is now a Christian.

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