Monday, April 28, 2008

My Son more Observer and Sensitive

Last night my son want to watched Kung Fu Kids but it's too bad because Kung Fu Kids is already finished. I told to my son about this but still he pursued what he want. I explained him clearly then afterwards he finally understand. Some times you need to explain it clearly to your kids before they understand and realize. My son is now more observer and more sensitive that's why he has a lot of question when he didn't know about the things that he encounter and I want to explain him clearly so that he will know about it. He really like to watched a kids show like Kung Fu Kids, in this show he discover a lot of things that's why my son is now needs more guidance so that he will grow in a right way.


Anonymous said...

Kid also need some entertainment and I think as long as we accompany them and give some comments, it is alright for them to watch such kind of program

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