Monday, April 28, 2008

I had abortion

When my son was 1 year old and 9 months, I missed my period. I thought that I'm just delayed but when I take a pregnancy test, the result was positive. We were not planning to have another baby because of the crisis nowadays but I accidentally got pregnant. I stopped using contraceptive because of the side effects on my health. After I learned that I was pregnant, I tried to abort my baby. Yes, I tried it! I drank 3 tablets and drink softdrink every morning without eating. My mother didn't know this because I know that she will not agree with this kind of action since it is considered a sin. When I was about 1 month pregnant, I decided to stop trying to abort my baby. Maybe God gave this baby because he wants our family relationship to be stronger. When I took my first prenatal exam with the same midwife, I told to her about the abortion. She said that the ways I tried to abort was not harmful and she gave me vitamins for my baby. Even though my midwife said that it will not affect my baby, I’m still not convinced. I took my vitamins and ate nutritious food to ensure my baby will be healthy. This is a great lesson that I had learn, hoping that my baby will be a healthy child. :)

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