Friday, February 27, 2009

Teach Your Child How to Count

Teaching your children to count can actually be one of the easiest educational factors to teach your children, seriously. Perhaps different from what you may have heard, when counting becomes an everyday way of life you’ll find you don’t even have to spend a moment teaching. Sometimes even simple processes can seem complex and frustrating.

Counting is the first math concept that is taught in school, next to number recognition. And this process can begin to be taught as early on as two. It just all depends on how you see every day events at home. With a start like that your child will have no problem walking into Kindergarten being able to count to twenty, whether that be free count or object counting.

Even when your child is a baby you can count fingers and toes while you are bathing them, changing them, or communicating with them. You can also start at this age by introducing fun little counting books.

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