Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hello To Everyone

Hi Bloggers, I'm here again sharing more about my experiences in life. Stop blogging for a few months is hard because this is one who help me out to get an extra income. My scheduled was not fit to continue what I have started here. Before my schedule is 4pm until 12 mid but after my boss decided to changed my schedule to 8am until 4pm, that is my scheduled ever since. After that changes I don't have enough time to do my task or either to write a post here. But when I request to my boss to put me in an evening shift (4pm to 12 mid) I can check again my blogs and visit to other bloggers. I'm really happy because we know that the more you have time in your blogs the more you have an opportunity to earn money. So, you guys please welcome me again and give me luck for continuing this.

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