Thursday, January 7, 2010


Another fellowmen, EFREN PEÑAFLORIDA, brought home the bacon when he was awarded as the 2009. Hero of the Year on November 22 in the CNN Heroes: An all Star Tribute at Kodak Theater in Hollywood.

A person who sees the real value of education, the newly-proclaimed hero brought education to the streets for the sake of the youth who are unfortunate not to experience a formal education. Peñaflorida astonished the world with his determination and perseverance as a pushcart educator, gaining him the recognition. He received the most out of 2.75 million votes cast in the competition, besting nine other nominees and standing out among the 9000 hero submissions by the panel.

Like any other youth living impoverished in the City, Peñaflorida had experienced the life amongst gangsters. However, through God's guidance, he chose to prioritize his studies and decided to leave the terrible life he experienced.

Education is a vital remedy in the society that should be given adequate attention by the government in order to achieve progress. The euphoria of a great victory achieved by our fellow Filipino is not only an evidence that we have a voice around the world and a power to make a change but also ab eye-opener for the government to embark on a reality check on what services they have been missing to provide their constituents.

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