Monday, March 2, 2009

How To Be A Good mother To your Kids

Here's the tips on how to overcome them and raise your child well.

  • Help your child with their homework. Not only will you know what they're doing in school, but your child will probably start coming to you for help by themselves.
  • Spend quality time with your child. Play ball with your son or do a craft project with your daughter. And make sure you have fun.
  • Take your child out to museums, the theater, classical music concerts, and other cultural events. While they may not like it at the time, they will most likely be grateful when they are older that they have a more well-rounded background.
  • Always be supportive and accepting.
  • Always try to be fair.
  • Don't use the phrase, "I carried you for 9 months!" in an argument. Your kids will most likely not understand what you actually had to go through, and it won't be really effective.
  • A few other observations from another perspective:
  • Parents need to teach their children how to be successful adults. Don't routinely do things for your children that they can learn to do for themselves.
  • Life is a great teacher. Don't be too quick to rescue your child from the results of their own actions if the consequences are not overly severe.
  • Your child is an individual deserving of respect, not an extension or a reflection of you.
  • Love them unconditionally; don't force them to be who you think they should be in order to earn your love.
  • Let them have freedom. Kids do not like it when you are on their case about everything.
  • Don't punish them for the stupid things, talk through things and see how you can fix them rather than taking away privileges.
  • Don't keep them on a really tight leash. It is said that if you do, your kids will try to rebel against you. If you can't trust them enough to let them have more freedom, talk about why, and what they can do and you can do to make things fair.

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