Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wake up Early

I wake up early this morning because my cousin asked me to go to work early. She said that she so sleepy already that's why I need to take a bath faster. While in the jeepney I thinking about what my lady boss said to me yesterday. She planning to change our schedule this coming summer vacation. I thinking about planning to find another extra income since my salary on that time will be decrease. After an hour commuting finally I got in my work place I wonder why my cousin is not in the cashier room? where is my cousin? but when the comfort room open owwwwsss here she is. She smile at me and said thanks "bog". She always called me "bog" short for KABOG hehhehe in english it is a bat. I didn't remembered when started to called me in that name. When the time goes at exactly 8 am she said goodbye and take me a kissed.:*

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