Tuesday, August 26, 2008

C-130 Cargo Plane Crashed at Davao gulf

Last night when I'm cooked our foods for dinner and my mother watching the news from ABS-CBN I heard from our kitchen that the anchor man reporting about a plane crashed. There's a one thing that can make me stop on what I'm doing. It was a C-130 cargo plane crashed in Davao City near at my mother's in law house. It make me shock that's why I leave my work for awhile to watched that news. My husband didn't told me when we together a while ago that's why I didn't know this news. This tragedy makes me remind when we arrived going in Tarlac City together my father and my sisters to visit my mother who worked in that place when I was 13 year old. I'm very thankful that it was very safe flight and now I still alive.

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