Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Long Distance Relationship

Yesterday, while I'm riding jeepney there is a passenger beside me talking his girlfriend abroad. I felt that the guy really missed his girlfriend. I heard while he talked that he asked the girl what she want to bring when the guy is going to visit his girlfriend. The girl want a peanut and durian heheh isn't really Filipino taste? I wonder if the girl is a american or a Filipina? But I think she is a American because the way the guy talked to her it's like she not familiar in the Philippines. The guy said that he is really sad when his flight is postponed. Supposed to be his flight is June 18 but it move to June 25. I didn't want to listen them but the mouth of the guy is almost in my ear :) that's why I heard all about their talking. They has a long distance relationship and I'm happy for them that they really love each other even if they far to each other.

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