Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sunday Task..

Yesterday is my day off that's why I did my always routine every Sunday. Id di cooked for our breakfast then after that I also washed the dishes while my kids are playing outside together their tita (my sister). I also clean our house because it's been awhile when I did clean to our house especially in our room. I separate the dirty clothes because after cleaning I also laundry our all dirty clothes. After finished cleaning I papered all things so that I can start laundering. My 2 kids want to be with me while laundering. They playing the water and they really enjoy. After laundering, I'll taking them a bath so that they can change clothes and take my daughter her morning nap. After finished all my task I remember to file all my important documents so that it will easy to find if ever I need it. Yesterday I did more thing that I done. Thanks :)......

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Amy said...

Hi janet, salamat sa bisita! sure we can exchange links. let me know when you're done adding mine so that I can add yours too!

Maraming salamat:)