Monday, May 5, 2008

10 Items Every Pregnant Woman Needs During Her Pregnancy

1. A good pair of slippers. You might want to either get the stretchy multiple-size type or buy them half a size larger. Your feet will swell. Your current favorite sneakers will become uncomfortable and rub. Get slippers to live in while at home.

A support bra. Actually you'll need more than one as the pregnancy progresses and your breasts enlarge. But it beats squeezing them into something smaller. And forget about the underwire. You'll end up ripping it out.

Massage oil. While your partner may like this idea, thinking it's for him, this is for your benefit. Your back will ache in the last trimester. Sleep will be fleeting at times. The massage oil helps ease those aching lower back muscles and relaxes you. Best immediately before going to sleep. K-Y makes a wonderful massage oil.

An appointment book or small calender. Doctors and nurses affectionately call it "placenta brain". You will become scatter brained and forgetful. It's a right of passage for the pregnant women. It's okay; don't fret. Just be prepared by writing down all appointments, lunch dates, birthdays, test dates, etc. You might find it handy to also write in when all major bills are due....

Underwear. You can either splurge for the maternity underwear, or just buy a size or two larger -- as your belly grows. Wear them the first few days after a vaginal birth and then chuck them. You'll end up ruining a pair or two anyway and it sure beats the one-size-fits-all that the hospital provides.

Panty Liners. In the third trimester, when baby's head is pushing on your bladder, you'll appreciate these. Wear one every day. Besides the bladder leakage, pregnancy comes with all other sorts of wonderful yucky discharges. Be prepared.

7. Belly or Maternity band. You've seen them. They come under brand names such as BellaBand. They're stretchy lycra-like fabric tubes that slide over your belly. While they aren't designed to give support, they do offer some. But they're also great for getting a bit longer out of your jeans -- leave them unbuttoned with the band over -- or for using those maternity pants early. My daughter currently has one around her Teddy Bear -- it's holding the stuffing in so there's potential for other uses.

Foot Lotion. For those days when your feet just ache or after you've had to shove them into shoes that are getting cramped.

9 & 10.
A fan and a sweater. No matter what, you'll be hot when everyone else is cold and shivering while they sweat. Get a little fan for yourself for those hot moments and keep a sweater or sweat shirt with you (at work or in the car) for those freezing moments. Your natural thermometer will be a bit out of whack due to those extra hormone levels running rampant through your system.

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