Friday, May 2, 2008

My daugter's Attitude

This is my girl now, she is already 1 year and 8 months old. She love to smile especially on me. My daughter is more sweet and she really want to spent time with me. She want to go out and play with her kuya's car even if she didn't know how to ride. Her kuya teach her how to ride that's why after a weeks learning she now know how to ride her kuya's car. She really like to stay outside then play our neighbor kids. She always use her kuya's sandal because,she don't have her own sandals. She want to play outside with her own and joined to our neighborhood who are playing too. Even she fell tired but still he didn't want to stop playing outside. When I decided to bring her inside she will cry, she didn't want to go inside because she still want to play outside. My daughter now is more observer like her kuya and I want to teach her more. I want to kiss he always especially when she is in her mood.

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