Monday, May 26, 2008

My Daughted Vomitted

Yesterday, after eating I washed my kids and tuck my son to sleep. My daughter was with me after, watching TV and later on I didnt notice she was already asleep. I put her to lie temporarily on a tufon while I was planning to prepare her bed, then i was shocked when she suddenly vomitted on the floor. I notice that her vomit was colored papaya-like and so I asked my mother what they ate while I was at work, and she said that my sister had prepared papaya with ice for the kids and so that they did eat together. After cleaning her up and changing her clothes, I gave my daughter some milk before she rests and then she vomitted again, I was shocked, what could possibly be wrong with her?

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Mira said...

Did you take her to the doctor? I know one cause of vomiting is gastritis but it is associated with stomach pain. Or maybe she just ate too much papaya ;-) I hope your daughter will get better soon. Btw, got your link from Barb's (Babette) can we xlinks?
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