Friday, May 9, 2008

Princess labor with a 9 puppies for almost 14 hours

As a woman the most hard thing is to labor your child even an animals. That's why when my friend's dog labor with a cute 9 puppies I'm really shock. She told me that her dog princess is already done labor for almost 14 hours. What if like a dog, a human also labor many kids at a long hours? Now like a human, Princess is very protective with her puppies. She even dont want to leave her puppies alone. She is just laying down there and protect her puppies. Feed them and keep them warm like an infant baby, it's seems like princess is very responsible mother. My friend not enough sleep because they watching princess while labor her puppies. I already experience a cat labor but I'm afraid to touch their babies. What if I also experience dog labor? Like my friend I also want to experience how to help dog labor. Hehehhe it's kind a more challenging to me:)

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