Saturday, May 24, 2008


Did you really like put an cosmetics on your face? I wondering now in our generation here in Philippines, there's a lot of girl applying an cosmetics without analyzing the places where they go. Sometimes I can seen a girl who is putting an make-up on her face in the church, isn't really wrong place? Even in the school campus there is a lot of teenage who really like applying an cosmetics so that they look pretty on the eye of boys. When I'm in highschool our school implement the “ No cosmetics apply allowed” because there is some of gay had put an cosmetics on their face and it's really ugly on the eye of other school isn't it? For me it doesn't problem because since then I didn't put any cosmetics on my face. I try it before because of curiosity but the effect of that is allergy . From that experience I didn't try it anymore.

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