Saturday, May 24, 2008

Son's bad attitude

This past few days my son always asking me a money. Every morning he want me to give him a money so that he can buy an lollipop. I give him a 1 peso but before that I told him that he will buy a lollipop later after finish eating his breakfast. I didn't know if he follow what I told him because after that I already going to my work. This morning, he asking me a money again and that's make me worried. I notice that in his early age he always asking me a money to buy any foods he likes and I really alarm on that attitude. Even my daughter now follow what her brother's doing and I really afraid what are the effect on this attitude to my kids. I want to stop this but I didn't know how to start because as a working mother I don't give all my time to them. Guys, Isn't it natural that in the early age he learn about this?

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